Nights Away Kit List

Campsite Address:

Waterside Lodge,
Marine Drive,

This list is a guide only and suitable for all Sections. Please check the weather forecast!

All young people will need to bring their personal equipment and should be encouraged to pack themselves.
This list is only a guide.
o Top half uniform o Scarf, hat and gloves or sports cap and sun cream
o Warm sweaters, jumpers or sweatshirts o Polythene bags (for dirty clothes)
o T-shirts or similar o Mummy style Sleeping bag & blanket – at least a 3 to 4 Season
Go Outdoors
o Tracksuit bottoms or Activity pants o Foam roll / karrimat
o Spare underclothes (one pair per day) o Plate, bowl, mug and cutlery
o Spare socks (one pair per day) o Tea towel
o Nightwear o Torch and spare batteries
o Hike boots/strong shoes/wellies o Hankies
o Waterproof (coat and trousers) o Plastic drinks bottle
o Personal washing requirements and towel o Teddy!
o Camping chair    
Ÿ All items should be clearly labelled with the young person’s name.
Ÿ It is best to pack a rucksack or sports bag that you can carry on your back.

Suitcases are not suitable for tents.

Even during the summer, the temperature can drop and children become cold.
Please ensure children have a woolie hat to wear in the evenings.

Parent Information

Everyone to travel to and from camp in their respective uniforms, including neckers. Maybe useful to have a small pocket torch in coat pocket, for use on arrival in the dark.

Meeting Points:

Saturday – All to meet up with their leaders in the main car park for 10.00am.
Sunday – Collection will be 3pm at the main car park.


To be confirmed…

Hot drinks & juice available all day.
Please advise of any food allergies and we will do our best to accommodate.


All medicines should be in a sealed container/zip bag, with your child’s name on and information of what the medicines are and how they should be administered. Please hand to your section leader.


Spending money is not required as there are no shops nearby.

Electronic Devices:

We discourage the use of any electronic devices, including cameras, phones & tablets, as we are NOT insured for any loss or damage, nor are we able to charge up the devices.

Personal Equipment:

Your child’s personal kit, (clothes, boots, sleeping bag, plates and cutlery etc.), should marked with their name. We do not carry spares!!

Parent Contact:

As much as you may miss your child, please be brave and do not try to contact them either via phone or notes/letters/reminders of home. We have found that this may induce homesickness and unsettle your child.
We will contact you if there are any issues.

Leader Contact – for emergency use only:

Organiser: Peter Duffy 0749 2208146 | Ami Rowe 07496 002980 | Shannon 07738 087609
Waterside Lodge – 01704 510900