Squirrels – Parent Information

Thank you for enrolling your child to our Squirrel Section.
Listed below are the steps to becoming a Parent Helper, which should help to make your first few months as enjoyable as your child’s

How much does it cost?

  • There’s an initial charge of £10 for the starter pack which contains: a group activity t-shirt, the group neckerchief and badges, (which will go on the official Squirrel jumper).
  • You will be invoiced one month after your child starts, to cover the monthly substitution cost of £15.00 per child or if you have children in other sections, then the cost will be £13.33 per month.
  • Member Insurance (known as Capitation) is payable on an annual basis. We ask for a parent contribution of £20.00 per child and we will undertake fundraising initiatives to cover the remaining cost. This will be charge at £1.67 along with your monthly subscriptions.

The Structure:

Nicola is our Section leader who devises, manages and with your help, delivers the program and activities to the children. Nicola is supported by Ami and the young leaders and Peter the Group Scout Leader.
To ensure we have the correct resources to run a weekly meeting, we have to work in the following ratios:
– 2 adults/parents per 6 Squirrels during indoor activities, plus the leader in charge.
– 2 adults/parents per 4 Squirrels during outdoor activities, plus the leader in charge.

So that we have the correct number of adults/parent helpers each week, we will be operating a parent rota. This will be set up at the beginning of each term and a copy can be downloaded here.

What’s happens next?
Peter will contact you and arrange to undertake your DBS. Once approved, you will be able to help out.


If I have some questions, who do I contact?
Your first point of contact is Nicola, the Section Leader for Squirrels. Nicola’s email address: squirrels@2ndbootlescoutgroup.org.uk

What will I be doing during a Squirrel meeting?
Spending time with children helping them (and you) to gain valuable life skills and make new friends by:
– playing games
– reading books
– outdoor activities
– occasional days out and events

How will the parent rota work?
An average term is 10 weeks and we would need two parents each week.
Hopefully we will have 6 to 8 parents available, therefore you will only be required to help 3 to 4 times per term.
There will also be at least 1 out of school outing or an event with other Squirrel Dreys per term.

Squirrel Uniform?
Along with your activity t-shirt, the official uniform is the red Squirrel Sweatshirt. This is where the badges are sewn on to. These can be purchased from Nicola.

Thank you,

Group Scout Leader

Page updated 30/03/2023