Squirrels Section – Draft Planning

Initial things to do.

  • Permission from school – completed
  • DC informed/permission sort – completed & section opened on Compass
  • Readiness checklist – completed
  • Group Exec informed/on board – tbc
  • Sectional budget confirmed – completed
  • Sectional leaders in place – Nicola and Ami confirmed.
    Need to confirm on Compass what Nicola needs to upgrade to become the Squirrel leader: Training for all appointments | Scouts+Section Leader training | Scouts. Ami fully warranted and able to support Nicola and covering each other around work shift patterns.
  • New section CS form to be sent to HQ – completed
  • OSM upgraded and new section added – completed
  • Equipment purchases – what’s needed?
  • Advertise new section on FB page – done
  • Devise how often parents should commit and build a Parent rota – in hand
  • Ami to integrate YL’s with the program – in hand
  • Open new section 5th October 2022

Section Planning

Ratios: 1 adult per 6 children plus the leader in charge – indoor
Size: maximum of 12 children, initially ring fenced from siblings within other sections of the group.

Program & other links:

How to run a Squirrel Drey: How to run a Squirrel Drey | Scouts
The Family-led model: The family-led Scouting trials | Scouts
Running your program: Squirrels starter programme | Scouts
Programme Planning | Scouts
The Squirrels programme | Scouts
Helping Squirrels take the lead: Helping Squirrels take the lead | Scouts

Activity Badges: Activity Badges | Scouts
Squirrel Awards Badges: Awards | Scouts
Staged Badges – same as for other sections: Staged Activity Badges | Scouts


Uniform – red tops: Squirrels (scouts.org.uk) – 20 purchased

Mandatory Training to be completed ASAP:
Ami: First aid 10: First Aid | Scouts or provide a First Aid at Work certificate
Nicola: Getting Started (to be completed in first 5 months) Getting started training | Scouts
First Aid 10: First Aid | Scouts or provide a First Aid at Work certificate
Safety Training: Safety Training | Scouts
Safeguarding: Safeguarding | Scouts

Role Descriptions:

Squirrel Scout Leader | Assistant Squirrel Scout Leader | Squirrel Scout Drey Assistant

Squirrels Parent Pack: Download